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And each time I find a specific example, I get answers like “yeah, but that’s just one thing”, or “I’ve never had that, you’re not lucky”, or “this is just because you’re not used to the Eclipse way of doing things”, or even the worst one “maybe yes, but it’s free! I didn’t know about the expression but I’ve definitely danced it more than once: every now and then, Eclipse views get all mixed up, some views indicate errors in a file, while other views on the same file say everything is OK.Or you get a message saying that it cannot find a class where you have the source in front of your eyes.And every time I do, most of my team mates, who have been brainwashed by the monopolistic propaganda of Eclipse, just keep asking me what’s wrong with it.And sometimes it’s hard to explain because it’s really a matter of user experience. Right now, I’m reading the Spring Source dm Server getting started guide, and I was very surprised to read that Spring Source guys, who aren’t exactly stupid, and seem very experienced with Eclipse itself as they have based all their development tools on it (Spring IDE, STS, etc.), talk about what they call the “Eclipse Dance”.This example is written in Java, but Web Driver supports many other programming languages (C#, Python and Ruby). Apache Maven should come pre-installed with Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Lion. Current versions of Firefox ( 16) seem to have issues when it comes to running these tests. You can test if you have Maven installed by typing the following command in terminal: I do not cover installation of Maven in this blog, but there are plenty of tutorials available for all supported operating systems.

Web Driver Wait;public class When Searching For Drupal Using Google Test ------------------------------------------------------- T E S T S-------------------------------------------------------Running com.yourcompany.selenium.yourclientprojectname.

NOTE, : This post is now updated to use Chrome Driver instead of Firefox Driver, since current versions of Firefox seem to have issues when it comes to running these tests.

In this blog post I will demonstrate how to write and run a simple test using Selenium Web Driver. I chose , but other distributions should work fine, too.

Maven was included by default in 10.8 and earlier, but is not included from 10.9 on.

The easiest way to install it is via homebrew: If you do not already have homebrew installed, see the homebrew website for instructions

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This build process is different from the standard java Maven build process, specifically in how it handles dependencies. So back to my problem: I have a number of simple Java dependencies that I am using in my projects.