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In this example, since you changed the file on S1, if you initiate a sync from S1, it will be automatically updated on S2, P1, and P2.Prerequisites If you want to use e Sync in a multi-site environment, you must do so before the initial synchronization of a configuration. Faizal We are experiencing a similar problem with IIS 7 Windows 2008 Indexing Service.Query to work in ASP 3.0 (If possible) and/or is there characterization in Windows Search Service. I've used Zoom Search ( before and have been happy with the results, but you'll need to pay for it to get the full benefit.If you are upgrading from an earlier version and need assistance, please contact does not load properly. Detailed compiler output may say Fatal error BC2000: compiler initialization failed unexpectedly: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. Solution 2: To remove the error message, open up your site's file in Visual Studio.

In later versions, metadata is applied to each folder individually.For example, he should verify that you have permission to search for files.During the upgrade procedure, your Web site’s Bin, Workarea and Documentation folders are removed.Any customized files in these folders will be lost.So, only store custom files in these folders when absolutely necessary. If you built your previous search on public pre-8.5 APIs and server controls, your code will work after the upgrade.

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In a Commerce solution, Find indexes typed catalog content in the same way it indexes CMS content. Catalog content is indexed in the same way that pages are indexed in CMS.

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