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This is especially useful for Visual Studio developers, who can now take advantage of the compile-time syntax checking, static typing, and Intelli Sense support provided by the Visual Studio in their queries.

Here's an example where I demonstrate how to write set-based queries using the Data Service Context : [Extent1].[int Id FRLEstado] AS [int Id FRLEstado], [Extent1].[var Descripcion] AS [var Descripcion] FROM [dbo].[PVN_FRLEstados] AS [Extent1] WHERE (2 = [Extent1].[int Id FRLEstado]) OR (4 = [Extent1].[int Id FRLEstado]) OR (8 = [Extent1].[int Id FRLEstado]) Sorry new user, I would have commented on the actual answer, but it seems I can't do that yet?NET 2.0 architecture, and is not meant to replace ADO. Getting Started Programming Guide Data Table Extensions Data Row Extensions Data Row Comparer LINQ (Language-Integrated Query) LINQ and ADO. I'm trying to create a query which uses a list of ids in the where clause, using the Silverlight ADO.LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query which is a part of the . The purpose of LINQ is to support various data sources using the same Typed Query Syntax.Presently it supports Objects, Datasets, SQL, Entities, XML etc. You might have noted that the previous List Programming examples did not use proper column name access.

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This enables many scenarios that require flexibility in how data is represented and handled, such as querying locally aggregated data and middle-tier caching in Web applications.