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“For most of his life, Zach struggled with being, you know, not liked well,” Priest says.Live video from Cleveland19 News is available on your computer, tablet and smartphone during all local newscasts.In the summer of 2014, Zach created an account on You Now, an app where users can broadcast themselves live on video to a crowd of faceless viewers or else duck under an anonymous screen name and join the crowd.Zach chose the former, and soon he was broadcasting to the site every single day, sometimes for hours and hours at a time, first to a crowd of a dozen people, then a couple hundred, then 8,000.Here is a brief story to bring the point closer to home.

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Also arriving there are plush teddy bears, printed bucket hats, and at least one electric-blue thong.

On Zach’s official website, supporters can buy T-shirts that say “My Hero Wears a Bucket Hat” or signed posters of Zach striking a When Zach’s mother, Apryll Priest, first discovered that her teenage son was broadcasting live from his bedroom, “I kind of freaked out a little bit,” she told me. I was scared that, like, pedophiles were watching him.” Then she started watching the broadcasts for herself.

The moment he discovered You Now, Zach told me recently, “everything started clicking.” Today 510,000 people follow Zach’s You Now handle @Bruh Its Zach.

He can launch a broadcast with no warning and coax tens of thousands of people to check in on him within the space of an hour.

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