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Sexual evolution has granted men the insight to recognize that slutty women are likely to continue being just as slutty after committing to them, and that is bad news for men who want to know their children are really theirs, and who want to avoid the divorce raping that inevitably follows when a wife pursues the feral eat, pray, love self-actualization life trajectory.

Last fall I stopped talking about the economics of gender, and began talking about the economics of sex. So much can be discussed under the rubric of economics of sex.

A reader put me onto the Chateau Heartiste site the other day.

I gather that it’s where a popular commentator who used to go by the Internet name Roissy is now posting his observations about male-female relations.

Yet his only experience practicing law to date has consisted of getting fired from a ,400-a-week summer-associate job at a prestigious Silicon Valley firm for, among other things, showing up intoxicated at the orientation meeting and complaining that he couldn’t see anything because he had lost his contacts in a hookup with a girl he had met at a party the night before; informing a female recruiter at the firm that he was “calling a porn line” when she walked into his office unexpectedly; and getting fall-down drunk at a firm retreat and shouting the F-word at a charity auction attended by the partners and their spouses.

His email account of the last escapade made its way to laughs around the country.

If you want to understand the nature of woman and game, this is the site to go to.Twenty-six questions are used to assign men a value score from -26 to 26.What is fascinating about the test is the low weight it gives the obvious measures of desirability - good job, good income, high education, uncomplicated marital history.CH’s latest entry is a thoroughly unsentimental fisking of a column by a young feminist complaining that she was used by the guy she slept with on their first date.Young Feminist writes: Boy, was that piece a fat, slow slider pitched right into CH’s strike zone.

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The reasoning is simple, if you would free your mind of its stifling propaganda shackles.

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